Healing through Attachment and Compassion

January 14 2020

Recent research findings show that Aulneau Renewal Centre creates positive change in the lives of Manitobans in need. Through counselling services, participants create healthy relationships, form positive habits and build hope for their future.  

Research done by Denise Belanger, a researcher measuring important outcomes for health and social services agencies in Manitoba, shows, Aulneau Renewal Centre is a valuable organization in Manitoba. The services make a difference in participants’ lives while being affordable and accessible.

“Aulneau Renewal Centre is unique, a lot of agencies say they’re client centered, but we have proof that they are. Searching for evidence to assure they’re providing the best possible services to Manitobans in need, is courageous. It’s bold to look behind the curtains and see how their services are performing, not only on a day to day basis but how it’s changing people’s lives in the long term,” says Belanger.

Aulneau renewal Centre is a bilingual not-for-profit that develops personalized therapeutic plans through therapy, education, support, and guidance. The service is available to everyone, regardless of their personal or financial situation. Services are open to people of all ages, from young children to adults.

“Before working with Denise, we didn’t have statistics for our services. We thought our services were helping, but we weren’t really sure how to measure it. It’s been really eye-opening to see and hear how valuable our services and attachment informed therapy is, to the people we support,” said Sophia Ali, Executive Director of Aulneau Renewal Centre.

People who are currently receiving services and those who have received services in the past were surveyed, and interviewed.  The research determined 100% of those interviewed received compassionate, attachment-informed services, which in turn, improved theirs lives in three important areas:

They feel empowered

100% of those interviewed said they feel empowered to make changes in their life. They develop a sense of self-awareness, knowledge, skills and tools to deal with issues arising in their life. “I accept me for who I am, I needed some self-assessment, trying to understand why I behaved the way I did. Aulneau provided that,” said one participant.

“It’s ok to be different, sad, make mistakes, remember the past, focus on yourself, and take me time. The new skills and strategies I have learned have literally been life changing.” said another.

They learn about and develop healthy relationships

More than 50% of those interviewed, could easily articulate how they’ve developed healthier relationships. 100% indicated that they’ve developed tools and received resources to learn the characteristics of a healthy relationship with the goal of creating them in their own life “The way we describe it is, a balanced relationship. Energy giving out and receiving an equal amount back. Equal dialogue, trust, feeling safe, accepting of a relationship and not pushing away, working through it,” said one person supported by Aulneau renewal centre.

 “I have a better relationship with my family. I feel in control and not pressured to see my family and feel guilty,” said another.

Their overall holistic wellness improves

People who access services at Aulneau Renewal Centre embark are on a journey towards holistic wellness. 100% of those interviewed, say they have learned the characteristics of healthy attachment and are working on adopt it with themselves and others.  

“I am able to understand what boundaries are and tell people when they are crossing my boundaries, both with my children, my family and friends. At the same time, I’ve learned to show them by example some of the things I’ve learned. They have been able to understand more of my challenges. They realize I’m their Mom, but I’m also a human being,” said a participant.

Many participants found the body-mind connection helpful to create a healthier life. “If you are healthier mentally, it trickles down physically.”

Progress in these three areas, show that people who receive services have measured improvement in their overall health.

“Aulneau is the best thing that has happened to me . . . therapy opened the door to help others out so they can enjoy life. I also think I am lucky and rare because I was raised in harsh conditions, but I came out like a champion. I’m like a geode and therapy was the hammer that cracked it open.”

While Aulneau Renewal Centre helps generate positive changes within participants, there are also tangible systemic differences that distinguish its programs from other similar programs.

  • Tailored services within the various therapeutic approaches
    • Play, music, art, gardening, cooking, and drama.
  • The online intake process
    •  Available for clients at their time of need, in the privacy of their own home.  
  • Saturday appointments, e-counselling or phone counselling
  • Support services to navigate the sometimes complicated assistance systems
    • Providing help to complete EIA and housing forms.

A compassionate approach coupled with expert knowledge in attachment-informed services sets Aulneau Renewal Centre apart. Feelings of acceptance and “being the right fit” were other highlights that further demonstrates the commitment to compassion and attachment practices in everything they do.

“This kind of evaluation is really guided by the values of the Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba and Aulneau Renewal Centre’s foundresses-the Oblate Sisters. Being bold and meeting the growing needs in our community with a true focus on creating positive long term outcomes for each person that they serve. This organization is different and now we have research that supports that feeling.” Says Belanger

The next step for Aulneau Renewal Centre is to create a culture of evaluation. They are expanding on this first phase and creating evaluation processes to assure they’re continually providing services that create the best long term outcomes for the people they’re supporting.

To access Aulneau Renewal Centre’s services please visit aulneau.com

If your organization would like to be part of the social outcome measurement project please email info@chcm-ccsm.ca


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