A Hopeful Future

Mar 13, 2020 | CHCM

For the past 20 years, Sister Carole Peloquin has been changing the lives of incarcerated men, now thanks to the help of the Charites des Soeurs du Sauveur Fund, her legacy will continue to provide an intentional community of support for those exiting the prison system.

In the 1990’s Sister Peloquin was called to work in the justice system and eventually took on a full-time role as Chaplain for a federal prison. Through her work she developed great relationships with the men behind bars and upon their departure would say “I hope to never see you here again!” Unfortunately, she would see many of the same faces year after year. With programming cuts in the judicial system, they were left to their own devices to navigate their time in prison. Sister Peloquin created Future Hope, sessions of self-discovery where participants would learn about the Enneagram, a personality assessment tool which helps people understand what motivates them, why they may make the choices that they do and to develop a deeper acceptance of themselves. She saw a difference in her participants, but many of them returned to jail. 

She discovered, they often didn’t have a safe place to land after leaving prison, so she and Father Creamer, a Jesuit priest, opened up Quixote House, a property they rented, to provide temporary housing for men leaving prison. There, the men would continue the Next Step programming while learning how to live in a supportive community, cooking cleaning and helping one another. Many participants use this opportunity to reconnect with family and develop, or rekindle, other important relationships in their lives. Still, Sister Peloquin and Father Creamer noticed it was difficult for many participants to move on after Quixote House, and find affordable housing, so they purchased and renovated a house in the neighbourhood and created 4 apartment suites. They named it Massie House, after Father Massie another Jesuit priest who believed in compassion and forgiveness. Men can stay there for a year or two, to gain employment experience and the chance to find affordable housing on their own.

Louis Balcaen, volunteer at the same prison as Sister Peloquin was chaplain, became aware of Future Hope and saw that it could use some assistance, as it was running almost solely on Father Cramer and Sister Peloquin’s efforts. He connected Future Hope with The Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba, which provided financial assistance, made possible by Les Charités des Soeurs du Sauveur fund. This financial assistance, is helping to create a sustainable model of funding for the organization. Through this assistance, Future Hope is strengthening its leadership, governance structures and solidifying community partnerships.

The Charités des Soeurs du Sauveur Fund was created in 2008 and is managed by Dorais Charités. Since its launch, more than 70 different groups and organizations, have received support, to help meet critical needs in the community, such as housing for people experiencing homelessness, healthy meals for hungry children in our province and much more.

For more information on Future Hope please visit futurehope.ca for more information on the Charités des Soeurs du Sauveur Fund please email info@compassionaction.ca



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New Directions proudly presents ND Property Services. What began as a pilot project by Compassion Network is now a social enterprise that offers residential and commercial maintenance while also providing career opportunities for those experiencing barriers to employment.

If you'd like to get a quote and support some great folks looking to boost their career options, call 204-786-7052.


New Directions présente fièrement ND Property Services. Ce qui a commencé comme un projet pilote par Réseau Compassion est maintenant une entreprise sociale qui offre des services d'entretien résidentiel et commercial tout en offrant des opportunités de carrière à ceux qui rencontrent des obstacles à l'emploi.

Si vous souhaitez obtenir un devis et soutenir des personnes formidables qui cherchent à améliorer leurs options de carrière, appelez le 204-786-7052.
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The wonderful staff at Aulneau Renewal Centre / Centre de Renouveau Aulneau are offering wellness checks over the phone during COVID-19. This service is FREE and available to anyone in our community who could use some coping mechanisms and resources during this challenging time. Call (204) 987-7090 and request a check-in, or use the link below to get started.

Les gentil(le)s employé(e)s du Centre de Renouveau Aulneau offrent un programme d'appui au bien-être par téléphone pendant COVID-19. Ce service est GRATUIT et disponible à toute personne de notre communauté qui aura besoin des mécanismes et ressources d'adaptation pendant cette période difficile. Appelez le (204) 987-7090 et demandez un enregistrement, ou utilisez le lien ci-dessous pour commencer.

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Congratulations to Mitch Bourbonniere, recipient of the Order of Manitoba. Félicitations à Mitch Bourbonniere, récipiendaire de l'Ordre du Manitoba.

Our network member, Sara Riel Inc. said the following: We have been so lucky to have you as a supportive part of our clinical supervision team for the Sara Riel Inc. Counsellors, as well as leading Education and Development sessions for all staff. Your knowledge, passion, courage and care for the Community is so evident in all the work you do.

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