Centre Flavie-Laurent Opens Its Doors

May 25 2020

While you may have had the chance to clean out your closet during this pandemic, there have been very few charities open to receive your giveaways.  You can now drop off your gently used clothing and household items (including mattresses) to Centre Flavie-Laurent.

When dropping off your goods, you may notice that donations are overflowing through the doors and onto the sidewalk. Space is limited while the demand for services is at an all-time high. Centre Flavie-Laurent serves families at risk of homelessness, people escaping violence, single parents, and the working poor. Manitoba’s economy has been affected in a significant way by COVID-19 and staff are anticipating even more demand.

 “We respond to so many different needs, people without a home as well as families who have four walls around them and are sleeping on the floor, or eating off of pieces of cardboard. There are exceptional needs in our own backyard that often go unseen.” Said Gilbert Vielfaure CEO of Centre Flavie-Laurent

Vielfaure and his team have secured a new larger location at 301 Archibald but can’t move in until they reach their 1.5 million dollar fundraising goal. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done to make the space safe and clean to be able to serve Manitobans at their time of need, in a dignified way. You can see a photo of what is currently at 301 Archibald here and what the future home will look like- if they can raise the funds- here.

To drop off clothing and household items, please call 204-231-9513

To make a donation please click here


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