Employee Spotlight: Daniel Lussier

October 25 2021

Meet Daniel Lussier, our CEO! Apart from sharing inspiring messages in our monthly newsletter, Daniel makes important corporate decisions, plans high-level strategies, and meets with the leaders of our 16 organizations to set long-term goals. Since he works on big picture projects, the positive impact these projects will have in the world take time to see. “It’s not like painting a room where you get up in the morning, paint, and voilà! The wall is blue. It takes a while to see the change,” says Daniel Lussier. Luckily, the people he works with within Réseau Compassion Network keep him motivated. “The staff, the volunteers, and the board members of our network organizations are inspiring,” says Lussier. “Every day, they show up on our journey to meet the needs in our community. I’m grateful to walk alongside them.”

One of Daniel’s favourite parts about working at Réseau Compassion Network is taking the time to think about concepts like compassion, service and community and to intentionally work on becoming a better human being. “It’s a privilege,” says Lussier. “It’s a real privilege to, as part of my work, find that space to tap into my better self.”

On the weekends, Daniel is out by the lake, sitting underneath ever changing skies with a bag of Old Dutch BBQ potato chips. He takes in the scenery and the massive body of water. When he can’t go to the lake to relax, he reads spiritual nonfiction. The sisters of the Grey Nuns recommend many of the books he enjoys. “I recently finished a book which was sent to me by the Mother Superior of the Grey Nuns. It was just perfect for the times in terms of everything we’re witnessing in the world today,” says Daniel. “I read another book a while ago and that too, was given to me by the Sisters. It was a book by E. M. Forster and one of the passages really stuck with me. It said, ‘We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.’” After reading, Daniel likes to reflect on what he has learned.

Notice our CEO likes his weekends peaceful. After a humorous event, he actively avoids adrenaline activities. “A few years ago, I was travelling with a friend and we saw a bungee jumping place just outside Ottawa,” says Daniel. “We thought, ‘Wow, we have to try this!’ It was over a quarry and it was so easy to climb that you didn’t feel how high you were. So I climbed up to the platform and then I looked down into the abyss towards the water. It was way, way down there. That’s when I realized ‘Oh, I’m scared of heights.’”  


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