From the Heart

November 29 2021

As an organization, our ability to tell our stories matters. We do work year-round to move our strategic goals forward, to support our network members, and to engage in meaningful work that serves our community. If we’re unable to share our successes and our challenges, or unable to help others understand the importance of our work, we’re missing a vital part of our mission. More importantly, we’re missing a chance to truly connect.

In a world where we’re inundated with information all day long, finding ways to share our stories with you isn’t always easy but we know that it’s important. It’s so important that it’s one of our strategic pillars. “Communicating our mission” is the axis that aims to help us share our work; internally, within the network and eventually, to the public. One of the most important ways we do this is with our annual report.

We present this year’s annual report with pride but also with gratitude. We are so deeply thankful to everyone who had a part in moving Réseau Compassion Network forward through 2021. Whether it’s through governance support, mission work, support of fundraisers or programming, our annual report tells the story of a year where we faced difficult circumstances and achieved great things as a team.

Building on that momentum, we held a planning day as a team on November 19th. We did a check-in on our strategic goals and sought clarity as to how we’ll move them forward in the next six months. More importantly, we shared stories.

We discussed how we make decisions about which projects we support, and how those decisions impact the people we walk alongside. We spoke about what types of projects will make the most impact in our communities. We spoke about the challenges we’re facing as an organization, and what our network members are seeing and hearing on the front lines.

These stories keep us connected, focused, and dedicated to the work we are privileged to do every day. We invite you to read our annual report and join us in sharing the stories that motivate us, empower us and push us to find new and innovative ways to make a difference in our community.

Thank you for walking alongside us on this journey,

Daniel Lussier


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