Spread Some Holiday Cheer!

December 7 2021

As the holiday season arrives, we tend to turn our attention to those we love and cherish to spend some time with and show our appreciation for the part they play in our lives.

For some people, the holidays aren’t so cheery, and they could use a kind word. We hope you’ll join us as we find ways to connect with each other. We’ve created a list below and encourage you to participate in any and all ways that you’re able to!

Write a Holiday Letter

You can use an online form to create a letter that will be printed on Holiday letterhead and delivered to someone who would like a cheery message. You can include your name or write a letter anonymously. What could you talk about? Your favourite Christmas memories, what you’re grateful for this year, what you’re looking forward to next year. Sharing gratitude and optimism for the future is a great way to spread some cheer!

Read an example letter HERE.

Ready to get started? Write a letter HERE.

Make a New Friend

Would you like to be partnered with someone in the community who needs a reason to smile? The volunteer program at St.Amant will match you with someone with a developmental disability or autism. The volunteer department will help connect the two of you by creating profiles of interests and personal details so you have a great starting point. The goal is to create a friendship and the rest is up to you! Perhaps you’ll go for coffee once a month, or take a walk in a park together. Connection and community are a key part of a healthy and happy life; you can make a difference with your friendship!

Start the process HERE.

Buy a Gift for a Child

Would you like to purchase a gift for a child who might need a little pick me up this year? Whatever your budget, your gift will make a difference in their life by showing they are in someone’s thoughts at this special time of year. Everyone deserves to be a little spoiled at Christmas! To participate, please complete the short form below and you will be provided with the age of a child who would like to receive a gift. We’ll also include instructions about how to get the gift safely into the hands of the person chosen.

Start the process HERE.


We thank you so much for being a part of our community and wanting to bring some joy to others in the month of December. Happy holidays to you and yours!


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