About Us

We have been entrusted by pioneering women to bring together people of all faiths, traditions and cultures to serve Manitoba communities wherever the needs are the greatest.

With a spirit of love and compassion, we walk with the people in our communities, so that we can better understand their situation and their needs.

By seeing the value in everyone, and by working together as a network, we find the good in our communities, and in turn nurture the hidden potential in everyone.

We are doing what we can to build a hope-filled community where every person acts in solidarity for the well-being of all.

We empower people and foster solutions to prevent and alleviate suffering where the needs are greatest.

Our Promise to the Community:

  • We walk with people and work to lift them up
  • We provide a welcoming and understanding environment
  • We, and our network of organizations, are part of a community of shared values
  • We have compassion for each individual’s needs
  • We are committed to providing excellence in our work and our programs

Inspired by a legacy of love and hope, with a commitment to social justice, Réseau Compassion Network responds to the most pressing needs in our community.