Coping with Grief and Loss During Covid-19

The Interfaith Healthcare Association of Manitoba presents:
Half-day workshop on the subject of grief during this pandemic. Anne Whitford-Fast, and Lynn Granke will facilitate a process for participants to consider their own losses and via this experience, be able to help others in their faith communities give expression to their grief and find a way forward in this new normal.
Learning goals:
1) Identify various forms of grief including anticipatory, hidden and ambiguous (disenfranchised);
2) Name losses being experienced;
3) Consider how our responses to grief are impacted by the pandemic ;
4) Identify strategies for expressing grief, mourning and adapting to our losses, and nurturing resilience.
Questions to reflect on prior to arrival:
Name losses you’ve experienced:
– What are you missing
– What hasn’t occurred that usually would have?


Nov 04 2020


9:00 am - 12:00 pm



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