Our COVID-19 Response

Incredible work is being done by our network organizations in their communities.

The proactive and responsive work each of the organizations has contributed makes us proud, as they offered creative and timely responses to Covid-19 needs in our community.

We are in awe of their tireless efforts, innovation, leadership and dedication throughout the pandemic to keep Manitobans safe, healthy and in touch with their loved ones.

Sara Riel, Youville Centre and Aulneau Renewal Centre

Three organizations in our network are offering free counseling and health services to children, teens and adults to help respond to the growing need for health and mental health services during this global pandemic.

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Even under COVID-19 restrictions, Marymound continues to offer programs and services. Of special note during this time is the work being done in Marymound North. During these challenging times, the program continues to serve children and families in the Thompson area.

During Easter, Marymound delivered special easter baskets to 20 children and their families. They are pleased to report that the Marymound values are alive and well up north, and their efforts seem to be appreciated by the communities in which they serve!

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Centre Flavie-Laurent

While maintaining social distancing protocols, Centre Flavie-Laurent was able to help Manitobans in need through individual requests via phone call. All the while, CEO Gilbert Vielfaure, and his board, were working tirelessly to secure a new location for the ever-growing need in the community.

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While many of St.Amant’s programs have been postponed or fundamentally altered due to COVID-19, staff have not stopped working compassionately behind the scenes to continue to offer important services.

Staff from the Jordan’s Principle team have created mindful moments that are accessible and offer a variety of mindful activities for all ages, from deep breathing, to yoga and slime making.

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St.Amant Wellness Line

Operated by St.Amant counselors and social workers, the St.Amant Community Wellness Line was developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities, their families and support networks.

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