Prospective board members

Be part of something great – join one of our Boards of Directors!

Organizations in our Network rely on members of the community who share their talents and way of being as volunteer board members.

As a volunteer, your role is to guide and shape the future of the organizations in our care. We invite you to consider joining the board of directors of one of our member organizations.

If you aren’t sure where your skills and interests might fit, give us a call and we can help you find the role that’s best for you!

Board duties and commitments

  • Board of Directors meets bi-monthly, 5x per year

Special committees duties and commitments

  • Executive Committee meets 10x per year
  • Mission and Quality Committee meets 4x per year
  • Finance and HR Committee meets 5x per year
  • Research Centre Committee meets 5x per year

Total time commitment (per year)

Special events: 10-15 hrs
Directors: 15 hrs for meetings and preparation
Executive committee: 30 hrs for meetings and preparation

Enjoy the benefits of joining one of our boards

  • Broaden your experience
  • Work with a dynamic, committed board and leadership team
  • Learn more about Réseau Compassion Network and our member organizations
  • Develop new skills

We believe in investing in people. Board members have the opportunity to hone their skills around the board table by:

  • Taking part in conferences and learning opportunities on topics such as effective board governance and ethics
  • Participating in workshops and professional development opportunities, such as mindful leadership, mindfulness-based stress reduction, Indigenous cultural safety training, and more

Our network touches the lives of thousands of Manitobans every year. Make a difference in your community!

We invite you to learn more about our network members and what types of requirements they have for their board of directors. Please choose an organization below to find out more!